Tuesday, October 25, 2011

3rd Annual Ensign Family Camp Out

This year we all met up in Plum Branch, SC again to enjoy a night of camping. Each year the number of campers has grown. It's great to have so much of the family together!

Cooper did as he had at our last little camp out- he wanted to be held & cuddled by me the entire time. I feel really bad for all the family that had to endure listening to Coop cry. I hope it didn't put too much of a damper on their trip. 

The camp food was so yummy! There's just something about camping that makes food that much more delicious! For dinner Kyle made frito/chili pie. I had 2 helpings & wanted like 5 more! :) For dessert Jen provided some HUGE marshmallows for old school smores & a pinterest creations-Smores Cones! Both hit the spot! For breakfast we had bacon, eggs, & pancakes. :) I love food! ha!

The evolution of Camping Coop with someone other than me holding him... 
He's initially ok.
Starting to realize something's not right...
& then the explosion when he sees me.

Love my boys.

All snuggled up & warm.

Coop fell asleep while I was holding him.

Silly pic with all the fam.

Kyle made a "sherpa bed" for Moose.
I think she likes it!

I felt like I didn't get to spend a whole lot of quality time with the family due to Cooper-such is the life of a mom (I'm learning). Fortunately Marc ALWAYS had his camera at the ready so he got some good pics.

Due to the craziness of this last camp out. Kyle & I have decided that Cooper is on a 1 year camping probation. Sorry Coop but it's for the best. One day you'll enjoy Father/Son camp outs but you'll have to wait.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Grandpa, Apples, & bears-OH MY!

This past Friday my dad, Grandpa, came to visit for the weekend. It was nice having him here & getting an update on life in our hometown. Cooper has been kinda funny with different people holding him but he didn't usually mind it when Grandpa held him. I think Cooper liked the silly noises Grandpa made so that Coop would smile.
Gamecock fans thru & thru
Saturday morning we all got up & headed to Ellijay, GA for the GA Apple Festival. It was a great day to get out & see what the festival had to offer. We walked around for an hour or so. There were tons of booths with crafts (birdhouses, wood toys, etc) & then there was the food: Fried apple pies, fried banana pudding, foot long corn dogs, fried onions, bratwurst, fried oreos, fried sneakers, & more! For 'brunch' Kyle & I shared a fried apple pie & foot long corndog while Dad had a chili dog. We ended up buying a 'peck' of Pink Lady apples since it was THE Apple festival & all. I'm glad we went but I doubt we will return-I've seen enough fried food & 'interesting' north ga people for a while. (no offense north ga but you do have some 'interesting' people in your mountains....)
Coop wasn't too interested in the festivities.
Not even when there was a yellow jacket
that kept landing on him.

We stopped by Costco & Cooper is probably scarred for life. He'll forgive us one day.... hopefully.

Coop didn't enjoy the BIG cuddly bear.

Saturday night Kyle cooked up some of the apples & made Apple Sauce! Kyle is a great cook but I have to admit I was pretty skeptical about the whole thing but it turned out delicious! I don't think Kyle anticipated Dad & I eating the rest of the batch that night!

Monday, October 10, 2011

5 months

Cooper turned 5 months old on Saturday. I can't believe how fast time is flying & how much Cooper has changed & grown since he was born. Cooper is our favorite little guy. He keeps us entertained with his smiles, laughs, jabberings, & more! He definitely keeps me on my toes. Just when I think I have him all figured out-he proves me wrong. :)

Within the last couple of weeks Cooper has taken to sucking on his chubby arms instead of his paci. He's been a tummy sleeper for quite a while so I guess he was bound to find his arms & fingers at night after his paci fell out. It's so funny seeing hickies on his arms. I just hope no one thinks they're bruises!

5 months picture!
(His right arm is red with hickies.)
I suck on my arm-so what?! :)

Cooper loves being on his changing table. He rarely minds having his diaper changed. At night we give him 'naked' time & he just laughs & laughs. Here's video we took last week. Kyle is being silly & dancing around-we all enjoyed a good laugh! It's kinda long but we (including Cooper) crack up laughing all over again just watching it! Around 25 seconds is the best! (hopefully this video works. I've never uploaded one before)


Lesson Learned

I'm so glad I snapped this pic of him sleeping.
So sweet.
My favorite part of the day is anytime Cooper wakes up. I walk quietly into his room, look at him, & wait for him to see me. Once he sees me, I give him a big smile. He gives me one big gummy smile in return & then nuzzles down into the mattress like he's shy. It seriously would bring tears of joy & love to my eyes every time. I was just thinking the other day that I needed to try & capture this moment in a picture because I want to remember it for forever BUT I'm afraid I have waited too late. :( Within the last couple of days Cooper has mastered rolling over in his crib. I still give him that big smile when I go to get him but I'm not greeted with the same reaction. :( Now he's just laying there on his back sucking on his arm & cries when he sees me. I guess I'm pretty scary. ha!

Cooper not so happy after a nap.
Lesson learned. Don't put off taking a picture. I have a feeling this is just one of the MANY lessons Cooper will teach me!

Surprise Visit!

On Saturday I was out with my friend Erin doing some much needed shopping. (Thanks Erin for the awesome introduction to H&M-I shall return without Cooper & with an endless credit card so I can buy them out) While eating lunch I got a random phone call & then voicemail. I didn't think much of it because I was busy chatting with Erin & stuffing my face with food. A few minutes later I got a text from the same number & guess who it was?! My long lost 'lady from church' friend Diane! She was in town with her oldest daughter Kristen for the day & wanted to get together. I was ecstatic! Here are some pictures from their visit.

Cooper had just woken up from a nap & was hungry.
I'm glad I got this pic before he his melt down.

Diane & me! Miss her!

Kristen! Cooper & Moose LOVE you!

Our classic angel pose. :)

I'm SO glad Diane thought of me & gave me a call. (Good thing I've had the same phone number for EVER) I hadn't seen them since our wedding reception 4.5 years ago! Diane is an amazing friend. I can't believe how grown up Kristen is! 12.5 years old! :) I remember when she was just 3 years old! I loved talking & laughing about the fun times we've had together. I will never forget our road trip to Pennsylvania via Washington D.C., Philadelphia, & Delaware with 4 kids 4 years old & younger. I still don't know how we did it but we did & we live to tell the tale! ha! Well hopefully it won't be another 4 years before we see each other!!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

One of the reasons I was really excited to go camping was the detour we'd make on the way home to go to a pumpkin patch. :) Last year we went to one near Amicalola & it was awesome so I wanted Coop to experience one this year. We stopped off in Dawsonville at Shuck's Pumpkin Patch. It was a great way to kick off fall & October. Cooper's eyes were wide open trying to take it all in! :)

At the patch they had a Corn Maze (I would've loved to go-if we had the time), rows & rows of pumpkins, fried foods, billy goats, a corn cannon, & more! Next year I'm sure Coop will REALLY enjoy it!

Like father like son- amazed by the corn cannon.
(this is a candid pic! ha)  
He's such a cute little guy. :) 

Lots o pumpkins!

scare crow coop

please oh please let coop grow as tall as the corn! ;)

Cooper's First Camp Out!

It took a little (A LOT) of convincing but Kyle finally got me excited for a camp out. Don't get me wrong-I LOVE driving into the mountains & watching it 'rain' leaves, sitting by the campfire, eating way more than is necessary, & just spending time with nature. My only problem/scare this year was having Cooper 'rough' it with us.

Kyle was able to get off a little early from work on Friday & we headed north. It was a beautiful drive. I love watching it 'rain' leaves this time of year. We stayed at the bottom of Blood Mountain in Vogel State Park. Kyle did a great job setting up camp while I entertained the children (Coop & Moose). The wind was SO cold so we had Cooper all bundled up. Poor Moose- I was SO worried about making sure Coop was warm that I forgot to pack her sweater needless to say Moose got A LOT of cuddle time.

Cooper enjoying the back pack.
Moose liked Kyle's VERY low hammock.
Cooper started off the night great. He went to sleep without a hitch. Kyle & I were then able to enjoy some camp fire warmth & yummy food. For dinner we had hot dogs with chili & then we had smore's for dessert. It was nice to spend some time together & reminisce about our previous camping trips.

(Please excuse my lack of smile. It had been a LONG night
plus I never know if I'm in the pic or just Coop. ha!)
After a LONG night morning came & it was time for more campfire warmth! woo hoo! (It had gotten down to 40, Cooper ended up sleeping on me, Moose was a popsicle, & every little noise/movement kept me awake-I was worried about everyone's warmth & if the legend of the roaming black bear was true) For breakfast Kyle  & I enjoyed hot scrambled cheesy eggs & bacon. Then I got more cuddle time in with Coop & Moose while Kyle broke down camp. (I hate that we forgot to take a picture of our campsite & our new tent!)

Before we headed for home on Sat morning we went on a little hike down to a waterfall. The wind was mighty cold but the view was gorgeous & made it totally worth it. (I'm starting to like living so close to the mountains more & more) All in All it was a good trip. It was a fun little adventure for our little family.

Kyle & Coop :)

Love the view (& my fave guys)

Family photo op at the waterfall.

We're going camping with the Ensign Crew in 2 weeks. Kyle & I already have a list of what we've gotta do different so we all get some better sleep-one is pray for warmer weather. :)