Thursday, April 12, 2012

Cooper's First Easter

Mom, Cooper, & I headed to her house for Easter weekend. Kyle & Moose met us there. It was great to be reunited as a family & to check out Mom's place. Saturday we ate some yummy pizza for dinner & did some grocery shopping. That night Mom watched Coop & Moose so Kyle & I could go on a little date. (We went to see the Hunger Games. LOVED the movie even if I stayed up way too late bc of it. 1am)

reunited & it feels so good!

Found a bunny the size of Coop!

Easter Sunday was a bit of a blur due to having so much going on & being exhausted. We went to church with Mom. Once we got back to Mom's we did a photo shoot in her yard. Afterwards we finished cooking & enjoyed a delicious meal! (Thanks Mom!) After overeating like woah we laid around a bit before packing up to head home. My mom's cousin, Ann, came over to meet Cooper & visit for a little bit. It's always nice to see her. She's one of the sweetest people I know!

Cooper Sunday Morning with one of
'Dem Eggs' his great grandma made

Family Easter Pic

Me & my little man

Cooper sharing his eggs with Moose.
having fun with Daddy

Meema & Cooper

We finally headed home a little after 3. It took us about 3 hours to get home. After almost 2 weeks of being away-it's been so very nice to be back home!

Spring Break in St Augustine!

After our visit in Charleston, Kyle went home, Cooper & I stayed, & Mom came. Monday (April 2nd) Mom, Cooper, & I headed further south to visit my sister & her family. We stayed until Saturday morning & we had a blast! The first few days were still a bit rough because Cooper was still sick but about the time he felt better & warmed up with everyone-it was time to go. :(

My sister put on a fitness Boot Camp every morning at 6:45. It was so great to get a workout in at the start of the day even if I was a bit sore by the end of the day. :) The kids were on Spring Break so we were able to spend some fun time together! We went to the beach, got some frozen yogurt, played, watched movies, & just enjoyed a relaxing weekend. Special thanks to Mom for watching Coop so I could enjoy some beach time. One day we even went to visit Matthew at work in Palatka. He works for the same company as Kyle. It was fun to see his workplace & see what the small city of Palatka was all about. Now for the millions of pictures we took. :)

Cooper loved Gma reading to him
until he saw me. (story of my life)

Drake was such a good cousin to Cooper. He loved
reading & playing with Coop.

Ross chewing on everything in sight.
He had his first tooth come through right before we left.

I guess Cooper calls this playing?! Drake was such a champ.

Loving the beach.


Eating sand for the first time.

Little Baby Ross

Looking like a cool kid.

Minnette & Ross

Such a cutie.

Ross always wanted to grab Coop but Coop said
no thanks.

Love these two!

the Lusk Fam

AveryEllen & Ross

trying out Ross' walker

A.D.D-ness occuring at the mill

our one (crappy) pic together.

fried shrimp & bacon sandwich.
Don't mind if I do.
Cooper & AveryEllen in Big Lots
Love that store!

Getting his morning reading in.

sandy toes

We had fun in the sun with the Lusk Family!

South Carolina Lowcountry

As you can tell by my previous post Kyle, Cooper, Moose, & myself paid a little visit to the Lowcountry to see family & run our race. Cooper did amazing on the drive. (He's such a champ in the car!) We got in Thursday evening. Auntie Ann welcomed us with her delicious Spaghetti. It's seriously amazing & I wish I had some NOW!

Friday we got up & got ready for the day. Kyle headed downtown to pick up all of our race packets & Cooper & I headed to my old workplace to see some dear friends. (I ALWAYS forget to take pictures! I guess pictures would just make me miss them more) For lunch we headed to Melvins (one of my most favorite BBQ joints). Dinner rolled around & we met up with Kyle's parents, sister Tiff, & BIL Scott to carb up for the BIG race. It was great seeing them!

Saturday morning came EARLY! Ann graciously watched Cooper for us as we headed to the race. After the race we showered up & headed to lunch. We ate at Juanita Greenbergs. Yum yum! Cooper was acting a little off so after getting back to Anns, Kyle went out to get some meds, thermometer, & pedilyte. What I thought was just some allergies (a bit of a runny nose) must have been something more. Cooper had a 101+ temp! We gave him some meds & he went down for a nap. (so we did too) That evening Kyle went to a session of this. (He always makes me so proud) So I just chilled out with the family & sickly Coop. My dear friend Pam came over the visit. She seriously rocks my socks. I love & miss her like CRAZY!

Sunday morning after a yummy breakfast Kyle & Moose headed back to Atlanta. :( It's always hard saying goodbye even if it's just a for a week. Ann, Cooper, & I went to visit Great Aunt Mary. It was so sweet for her to meet Cooper & to spend time with her. Aunt Mary stepped in after my Grandma (her sister) passed away almost 15 years ago. So Cooper met his Great GREAT Aunt. How cool is that? I wish we lived closer so I could see her more often. I'm so grateful that Ann takes such good care of her.

We had a wonderful visit that went by way too fast. Moose LOVED the extra attention & knew exactly where we were when we got out of the car. :) I wanted to get up with more friends but it was just harder than I thought trying to figure everything out with Cooper's schedule-especially when he got sicker. I always am so grateful for Auntie Ann. She definitely has a special place in my heart. It was so fun to spend time with Bryant & Jilli (soon to be my sister-woo hoo!) & to be back in our old stomping grounds. This was our first visit where Mt P didn't feel as much like home as it use to be which was sad to realize but also a blessing. That means Atlanta is our home & we love it!

Me, Cooper, & Aunt Mary
So sadly I didn't take many pictures in Charleston. I meant to get a good one of Auntie Ann & Coop but time just flew by way too fast.

And I Was Running...

For the past few months Kyle & I have gotten back into running. Our goal each year is to run the Cooper River Bridge Run (10k) in Charleston, SC. I feel like this year was the year Kyle trained the best & I did pretty good. I'd been running in horrible shoes & kept battling knee pain off & on. Finally I went to Big Peach Running Co & got fitted with the best shoes for my feet! (seriously recommend this to everyone) I've been running like a champ ever since. No knee pain while running & my feet feel glorious!

Yes I'm THAT excited about my shoes.
Brooks Revena 3

On March 31 Kyle & I lined up with 40+ thousand other people to run through Mount Pleasant, over the Arthur Ravenel Bridge, & into downtown Charleston. 6.2 miles. (I LOVE the feeling right before a race starts! Everyone is pumped up & your adrenaline is pumping. You feel like you could conquer the world!) Kyle & I started the race side by side but knew we weren't going to run together. I started off ahead but just knew Kyle was going to pass me any second. Long story short-the last 2 miles kicked my trash & I ended up walking for less than a minute twice. (I'm still disappointed in myself for walking)

Waiting for the race to begin.

Official times you ask?
Kyle- 1:06:04

WE WERE JUST 24 SECONDS APART! Kyle was a little bugged that I beat him. I'm proud of my time. One of these years I will train better & run it in under an hour-that's my goal. So until next year bridge run...