Saturday, March 26, 2011


Some people choose to play classical music like Mozart for their babies in the womb. Some say this will make your baby more intelligent, talented, marvelous, etc.

This morning Kyle & I were lying in bed enjoying a morning without an alarm clock. Kyle put his hand on my belly to wish Cooper good morning & feel him move around. (Unfortunately for Kyle, Cooper had already done his morning stretching & moving about 30 minutes prior.) What music did my baby daddy turn on to get Cooper moving & grooving? Grateful Dead. He laid his phone on my belly & we had a little family jam session. :)

Our boy may not be the most intelligent or talented kid out there but he'll know good music when he hears it & hopefully picks up his dance moves from his dad. :)

Friday, March 18, 2011

Hartsville Baby Shower Weekend

Kyle & I headed to Hartsville for a fun weekend with family & friends. Saturday (March 5th) was my awesome baby shower thrown by my sisters-Susan, Jen, & Tiff! The shower was at Pat's house & it was really great! There was food galore thanks to Susan (including delicious cupcakes by Jen), a fabulous diaper cake by Pat, & a great turn out thanks to Tiff! It was so fun spending time with some really special people in my life. They all went over & beyond to spoil baby Cooper & myself. (Marc was our photographer so special thanks to him)
Tiff, myself, & Jen right before the shower!

Penny & Me (one of my Moms growing up!)

Tiff put up a laundry line that was quickly filled with super cute Cooper clothes!

Auntie Ann, Mom, myself, & Auntie Renee!

Some of Cooper's gifts! What a spoiled little boy! :)

Here are some more fun pics! Feel the LOVE!
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The rest of the weekend was busy but a blast! The Ensign ladies went out to dinner & it was one of my favorite parts of the weekend. I was also able to see MinDee! It'd been WAY too long & little Khloee is getting so big! Bryant turned the BIG 3-0! We did a little celebrating. It was fun seeing him & Jilli along with Kevin & his crew! All in all we had a fantastic time!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Cabin Fever! 2011

Kyle wanted camping tent style. I (& baby Cooper) wanted a little bit of luxury-no air mattress included. Together we decided on a renting a cabin in North Georgia for the weekend. :) Friday we took a half-day & headed north. (I ended up taking a full day off because I had a lovely stomach bug-that's another story for another day). Anywho! I don't remember much about Friday due to the meds I was on & slept but the cabin was great! We were on the side of a mountain & the view was beautiful! Kyle ended up going to dinner solo & enjoyed some yummy BBQ while I had pretzels & gatorade. Kyle also got to relax in the nice hot tub while I watched from a distance. (Hot tubs are recommended when you're preggers)

Our Cabin! Can you find Moose? :)

Don't be jealous that I got to lounge on a Black Bear & Deer Couch all weekend! (Again can you find Moose?)

Saturday morning started off good. I was feeling a lot better so after a little relaxing we headed out to see a waterfall! The waterfall was pretty pathetic but it was nice to be out & about enjoying the great outdoors! For lunch we decided on some good ol' country cooking. Whether or not my body was ready for fried goodness-my mouth sure was!! I had some BBQ, fried okra, slaw, & cheese biscuits. Kyle had fried catfish, mac & cheese, & collards. Dessert was the BEST! Banana. Pudding. (I so wish I had some right NOW)

Pretty amazing waterfall huh? We've definitely seen better!

Saturday afternoon/evening we had some friends (the Malans & the Carrons) come for the night. Tressa & Chris made us a great dinner of lasagna & homemade bread-SO good. We played some games & ate way too much. I called it night pretty early but the rest of the crew stayed up late having a great time.

Finn in Moose's bed. They are so cute playing together!

Jared teaching Finn fire safety... I hope. :)

Chris & Tressa baking up some bread & cooking lasagna!!

iPad time! Even Finn got in on the fun!

Sunday morning we woke up & the Malans cooked us an amazing breakfast! Have you ever had German Pancakes?! They are delicious! After stuffing our faces with more food we packed up & headed out. On the way home the Malans & us stopped by Tallulah Gorge. It's a beautiful place! Kyle's hiked all over it so he took us to be best view with the least amount of work. :)

German Waffles. Enough said.
Kyle & I on the back porch of the cabin.

Tressa & Chris

The ladies!

Another honorable mention-Kyle & I truly enjoyed having cable for the weekend. Well let's just say we basically watched HGTV the entire time with a side of Food Network & MTV. :)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

We Have A Name!

For as long as I can recall I've had my future girl's names picked out. It seemed so easy come up with those names. When Kyle & I found out we were having a baby boy-I knew we were in a for some deep thought & maybe a struggle to figure out a name. For the longest time we've called our baby boy "Lil Kinney" as somewhat of a joke. Kyle & I could always decide on names we did NOT like. We thought Kinney was a nice southern name that we had fun saying but had no intentions actually naming him that.

Kyle came up with the name long before I agreed to it. Our long list of names got shorter & shorter & Kyle's favorite name never seemed to move off of the list while mine were flying off like crazy. :P One day I just woke up & knew that Kyle's name was to be the name of our future baby boy. I turned to Kyle that evening & said: "Ok Kyle. I don't know why but I just know that his name will be ___ ." Kyle joked that he changed his mind & didn't like the name anymore but after I threatened his life he laughed & said he was just kidding. :) (If you know Kyle then you know he usually takes a while to make a big decision & he RARELY has favorites so when this name stuck I knew it was right!) So there's the story-now here's the name.

Cooper Kyle Ensign

Most of you already know this info but I still felt the need to blog about it. :) We can't wait to meet our little Cooper!! Yay!!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

So Far in 2011

I can't believe it's already MARCH & less than 3 months left til we meet our baby boy! Crazy stuff. Time is flying by!

Here's a list of some of the fun things we've done so far:
-Had a blast with the Adams for New Years.
-Registered for baby stuff for our little boy.
-We had a snow day followed by some pretty intense ice.
-Tiffany & her girls came to town for MLK weekend.
-the Greenburgs visited & we babysat Grace & Cage.
-Stake Conference (we have an amazing Stake President)
-Game night with the Carron's.
-We've become even more addicted to Netflix.
-Found out we're going to Disney in December with the Ensign crew! woo hoo :)
-I started doing Prenatal Yoga & I'm loving it!
-Went to the Columbia Temple to be with Karl, Onna, & the boys for their special day.
-Made Chicken Cordon Bleu for the first time ever. (So delicious!)
-Tried Vietnamese food for the first time (Dinner with the Malans).
-Made funnel cakes with the Crolleys.
-Had a Superbowl party with the Malans & the Crolleys. (Ate WAY too much but it was totally worth it)
-Had more snow. Fortunately NO ice & it melted quick.
-Got Moose a hair cut. (she needed it BAD)
-Celebrated Valentine's Day with my lovely hubby
-Took my Sugar Test & passed! :)
-Kyle started training for the Bridge Run.
-We've planned a trip to Mt P in April (SO excited!)
-Spent an evening with Bryce on his way to SC.
-I endured a gruesome stomach bug... (I was so close to making it thru this entire pregnancy without puking!)
-Got Cabin Fever in the mountains of North GA with Kyle & some friends. (a post on that later)

We've had some fun & I know there is more to come! This weekend we are heading to Hartsville to visit family & to have our first baby shower! We love going home even though it can be a bit exhausting with so much family to see. I will post on our weekend later too. :)