Friday, January 21, 2011

Feeling Him Move...

I have had the pleasure of feeling our baby boy move for a couple of weeks now. He is definitely getting stronger & larger with every kick & punch! So every evening Kyle & I vegg out on the couch & watch some Netflix (we get our money's worth!). Anywho! Our baby boy must love that time because he just moves around non stop! This past Friday night I just happen to have my hand on my stomach when made a BIG move. I felt a hand/heel/elbow/something move on the right side of my belly-TWICE. It was such a cool feeling & crazy to see my belly move like that!

Kyle has missed out on all of the fun so far (he seems to try & feel our baby move at all the wrong times). FINALLY on Wednesday (the 19th) evening Kyle felt his little boy! Our babe was kicking up a storm so I grabbed Kyles hand & put it on my belly. It was so touching to see Kyle's face when he finally felt our baby moving around. He kept his hand there for close to 5 minutes or so. I started to tear up but then ended up laughing at Kyle's face (he was a little in shock). Kyle told me I had to stop laughing because my belly was moving up & down too much & he couldn't feel the baby! ha! It was a special moment for sure.

With time he will get bigger & will start to run out of room down there-that's when all this moving around won't be so fun for me. A foot in the rib or to the bladder can't be comfy! ;) I do realize I have to enjoy these pleasant movements while I can!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Ringing in 2011!

We had such a fun New Years Eve Weekend! Our awesomely amazing friends from Mt P came to visit us! (We heart Scott & Rachael!) The Adams came in on Friday afternoon. The boys went & played some frisbee golf while us gals went to the store to get some food for our NYE Party. We had a good time preparing various foods for the shin dig!

Our NYE party was fun! We invited the Crolleys & Carons over to join in on the fun. We ate WAY too much, laughed a lot, played some games, watched the ball drop, & even sabered a bottle of cider off of the balcony! :) The time flew by & next thing we knew we were watching the ball drop on TV. We proceeded to all pile up on the couch & take pictures with our cheap-o 'champagne' glasses with yummy sparkling cider! Thanks to Scott for the extra entertainment with the whole sabering of the bottle! If only we had fireworks to shoot.

Moose may have had the most fun of all-eating off of everyone's plates!

Saturday the weather was very dreary so after we played some Super Mario Brothers on the Wii we headed to the movies. Rach & I saw Tangled (way cute) & the boys watched Tron 3D. We then gorged ourselves at the Vortex (interesting atmosphere...BUT their famous burgers were yummo! they've been on Man v. Food-LOVE that show) Then back home to play more Wii! We had a Beatles jam session!

Sunday after church & lunch (Kyle made his delicious taco soup & tortillas) the Adams sadly had to go home. We hated seeing them go. We miss hanging out with them so very much. They are amazing people & even better friends! I hope they come & visit us again soon! Thanks for making the end of 2010 & the beginning of 2011 memorable! (& that's in a good way! ha!)

We basically forced Rachael to drink eggnog. She was a good sport about it. :)
The boys toasting their eggnog-glad someone likes that stuff!

Beatles Rock Band time! Woo hoo!

Happy New Year!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

We're having a BOY!

So now that you've gotten all the info you really need by the title & by scrolling thru the pics I'll give you something more to read if you'd like. :)

"The" ultrasound was scheduled for January 7th. The appointment had been made at least a month in advance, work schedules had been rearranged, & the countdown was on. Well, when we got home from Christmas in Hartsville & my phone was all charged up (I forgot my charger so I was phoneless most of the time) I saw that I had a couple of voicemails... My Jan 7th appointment needed to be rescheduled. I was heart broken! I just knew we'd have to wait until closer to February. After making a million phone calls & leaving just as many voicemails at my Dr's office I finally got a call back on Wednesday (Dec 29th) saying I could be worked in the following day! woo hoo! Needless to say I didn't sleep very much that night. I actually slept about 3 hours before I got up & cleaned until it was time to get ready for work! :P

After the LONGEST half day of work of my life I was off to the Dr's office. Kyle's parents came into town for Pat's birthday so we decided to surprise them! Kyle had lunch with Marc & Pat then headed to the Dr's office. We all met up & it was such a fun surprise! So for Pat's birthday we gave her the gift of finding out what her next grandchild would be! :)

The appointment went great! My weight is good (thank goodness because I'm starting to feel pretty round these days), the baby is measuring great (a week bigger but they won't move up the due date), & the heartbeat was amazing! I loved having Kyle there (it was his first ultrasound) & seeing his face when the tech said "it's a boy!" was totally priceless! I have to admit I did kind of yell in excitement & then started crying. haha! Glad Kyle was there to hold my hand. It truly was an awesome experience I will never forget! Many thanks to Kyle, Marc, & Pat for being there!

Later that night Pat decided she wanted to go shopping for our baby boy even though it was her birthday! Take a look at the pic. This baby boy is set for next Holiday season! He probably has 25 Christmas outfits to count him down to Santa coming to town! Oh how I can't wait! Yay for Grandma Pat!

6 weeks & 19 weeks
Can you see the difference? :)

Here's our baby boy! So I guess we were right all along by calling him Lil Kinney!

Baby Update

So I forgot to post these ultrasound pictures with my baby announcement post so I thought I'd do it now!

The day we found out I was pregnant Kyle & I started talking about names. Of course we couldn't agree on anything so instead of arguing we decided to come up with what we would NOT name our kid. Examples: Gertrude, Cletus, & Kinney (Kenny pronounced VERY southern). We fell into the habit of referring to our baby as 'Lil Kinney.' By no means did we, or do we, intend to name our baby that but it was just something fun to do. I tell you all of that for the following picture:

Kyle left this sweet note for me & Lil Kinney for our first Dr's appointment! :)

(15-Oct-2010 Almost 8 weeks)
My first look at our baby! I cried at the sight of that little tiny peanut! You could see the heart beating even if the baby was an inch long! Wild!

(1-Nov-2010 10 weeks)
Can you believe how many details you can already see? There's a little foot & everything! I am so very lucky to have 2 ultrasounds by this point! :)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

White Day After Christmas!

So I guess we didn't dream enough about having a 'White Christmas' so we had a White DAY AFTER Christmas in Hartsville. We heard all the hype about the snow coming but didn't chalk it up to much of anything because too many times the 'snow' turned into a flake maybe two. Well needless to say we were pleasantly surprised! Kyle woke up to a few text messages stating church was cancelled. He looked out the window & there it was! The snow was EVERYWHERE! Kyle woke me up by singing "I'm dreaming of a white Christmas." You'd think we were little kids because we jumped into the warmest clothes we had & ran out the door. (Well we did wait for the Jackson girls) Moose LOVES the snow! She thinks every snow ball thrown & snowman made is just for her to chase & destroy. We even let her off of the leash just to roam around in all the beautiful snow. She had a blast & in the end had little snow dreadlocks! :P I was very nervous that Moose was too cold (we forgot her sweater) but at one point in the day she was just laying in the snow like it was the warm beach sand-it didn't bother her one bit!

We played with the Jackson girls for a while then headed over to Karl & Onna's to play in the snow with Christian & Ethan. There was a major snowball fight with all of the boys. Onna & I kept a low profile on the deck & documented the hilarious occasion. I'm not sure who won because Kyle ended up with frozen hands (no gloves), Christian got a snowball to the face so tears came after (poor thing!), & Karl got snow down his shirt & pants (good job Onna!). My guess is that Moose & Ethan won! :)

I had a blast watching Kyle play in the snow with Moose & our nieces & nephews. Its great to still be a kid at heart!