Friday, March 16, 2012

Cooper-10 Months

The kid is 10 months old. Soon he will be a year old. I need to plan his 1 year birthday party. ONE YEAR. I'm still in shock.

Last month Cooper has flown in an airplane (twice), experienced swimming for the first time (with his future wife Charlotte), started saying DaDa (although not to his Dada), learned to clap his hands, smile wide to show off his 2 teeth (more to come shortly), can now pull up to stand up (will only pull up while holding adult hands), & still thinks Moose is the greatest thing on the planet.

Here are some pictures of my cutie from this past month.
flirting with his girlfriend Liv.

Clap Clap Clap!

10 month photo session.
Moose never can stay away! :)

Smiling at Moose.

love it.

Coop loves to make music (noise!) :)
LOVE that BIG smile!

Happy to be swimming with his future wife, Charlotte.

Happy 10 months Coop! I can't believe your 1 year doctors appointment has been made!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Rachael drove Cooper & I back to Vegas on Sunday (feb 26) to meet up with my good ol pal Jenni. (I finally had to go see her after ALL of her trips to see us!) On our way we stopped really quick to see the Hoover Dam (insanely huge) & didn't discuss the fact that I was leaving. :( We met up with Jenni in her ward & enjoyed Sacrament Mtg there. (Cooper was extremely loud eating, burping, & laughing) Finally it was time to say goodbye to Rach & Charly. It was so sad to say goodbye to one of my bestest friends. I love that girl.

Enough depressingness. Now onto the funtimes we had with Tiger (Jenni) in Vegas! There's no way I can possibly write out ALLLL that we did but I will try. :) First let me just say that you know you have a true friend WHEN.....they greet you with CUPCAKES! yes yes Jenni made a mad delish batch of rainbow chip cupcakes. AH-mahzing! 

Vegas Adventures included but were not limited to:
-driving down 'the strip' at night to see ALL the lights
-visiting the LV LDS Temple (so so pretty)
-eating some dang delicious food
-candy, candy, & more candy
-walking all the way up & down the strip (basically)
-the bellagio's fountains, the venetian's gondolas, the wall of water at Aria, & SO much more.
-we encountered someone that we are still not sure if it was a man or a woman
-drove around the gorgeous Red Rock mountains
-ate the BIGGEST pancake known to man (Man vs Food had been there-it's called Hash House A Go Go. You should Go Go if you're ever in Vegas)
-Took in some second hand smoke walking through the Casinos & watching the grandma's gambling in the mornings.
-Toured the Neon Bone Yard-where neon signs go to die
-Margaritaville, M&M store, Albertsons :)

Now on to the billion pictures we took & they are is a crazy order.

right before saying goodbye to Rach. 

Snickers Flapjack that was big enough to
eat ME!

Chicken & Waffles. Amazing.

Cooper loving some Auntie Jenni.
LOVE this pic.

Totally got padded down & searched like
crazy at the LV airport. SO seriously
glad that Jenni snapped some pics. I was
trying so hard to not laugh the whole time!

Coop & I are the airplane.

We were SO glad to see Daddy. Coop was
a bit overwhelmed by the airport & it was
getting late!

Getting ready for the 3D M&M movie!
New York New York Casino behind me.
Seriously have to do the Roller Coaster next time!

Deep Thoughts at Aria Resort

Coop riding a Dragon-what happens in Vegas... :)

SO excited for the Water Fountain show at
the Bellagio! (or just happy to be out of
the stroller!)

Water time!

Sad to be leaving Tiger & the BIG LV.

Red Rock Mountains behind us.

The BoneYard

Checking out some old signs.

Happy Coop after church.

the LV LDS Temple.
(shout out to the very nice man that let us in the gate
even though they were closing)

Heaven on Earth.
Scary but awesome sign on the tour.
I wish I could remember where all the signs are from.
Cooper was not feeling the tour so I had to keep
a distance.

Somebody's got gas.

The Bellagio is pretty awesome. Here's some beautiful
glass art on the ceiling near the atrium gardens.

In the atrium gardens at the Bellagio. That
kid is made of flowers & kept copying
Jenni! ;)

Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas!

Eating some delish nachos from Hard Rock Cafe.
Cooper wanted nothing to do with it!

such a different but beautiful landscape.
This sandwich was HUGE from Capriotti's & I'm only
holding half of it. I love how it looks like Coop is
taking a bite! :) The sandwich was like a Thanks-
giving feast! turkey, stuffing, cranberries, etc.
More signage.

love this pic.
Cooper & I had such a fun time with Jenni. She was so nice to put aside work for a couple of days for us. She was an awesome tour guide! I can't wait to go back with lots more dough so we can see some shows! I love that Jenni & I make sure we see each other at least once a year. Jenni is an awesome friend. Now she just needs to move to the south. :)

Monday, March 5, 2012

First Airplane Ride

On Feb 21 Cooper & I somehow endured the crazy security check (with a baby, stroller, 2 bags this was not an easy thing), boarded the airplane & set off to Kingman, AZ (via Las Vegas). I was so worried that Cooper was going to be a terror during our 4.5 hour flight. Fortunately with many prayers, much faith, & a blessing-I was completely wrong! Coop was a champ! (even though we were squished in the middle seat)

One of my bestest friends Rachael (& daughter Charlotte) picked us up from the airport. (I may or may not have teared up at the sight of my dear friend) After a quick stop at In -N-Out Burger (my first experience) we headed deeper into the desert sand for Kingman, AZ.

I was in Kingman from Tuesday until Sunday morning. We seriously had a blast. I loved spending so much time with the Adams. My apologizes to Scott for taking over his house, wife, & child for so long. Thanks for putting up with me & my kid!

Here are some of the fun things we did:
-Toured Kingman
-Ate some delicious food made by the Adams
-Took the babies swimming for the first time
-Planned Charlotte & Cooper's future wedding :)
-Made Quiet Books for the babies (SO glad we finished in time!)
-Toured Lake Havasu (sp?) & saw THE London Bridge (it didn't fall-they just took it down & put it back up in the middle of no where Arizona!)
-Rode the Rhino around in the desert
-I may or may not have almost killed myself & Coop in the pool by stepping backwards & thinking the 1 inch drop off was really a 50 foot drop off... (maybe this shouldn't go under the fun list-but it sure was funny for some!)
-Drove down Route 66
-Listened to lots of music (Rach claims that Charlotte is the one that loves Justin Bieber...hehe)
-Rach & I did lots & lots of talking. Man I love that girl!
-Went to the park
-Rode over & saw the Hoover Dam
I'm sure I'm forgetting a million things

Now here are LOTS of pictures! (no particular order)

Baby Tummy Time!

Bridge over the Hoover Dam

Hoover Dam

Colorado River (Right??)


Rach & Charly at Story Time

seeing what it's all about!


one of my all time favorite pics!
(One we'll show THEIR kids! hehe)

Scott was there too!
(Thanks for all the pics)

Trying cucumber for the first time.

Holding the babies while Rach is cooking.


London Bridge

Heading out on the Rhino

The desert is different but beautiful!

Coop on the way out west.

Their first time meeting! haha

My first experience!

Love this kid!
Thanks to Rach for the super cute onesie!

Getting ready to FaceTime with Daddy!

Out in the desert. We're quite attractive!

I want to start planning our next trip out there... but I guess I should start saving first! ha!