Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Days leading up to his birth...

It definitely was a happy Mothers Day for me! Here's how it all started...
(actual birth day/story to be posted separately)

Thursday (May 5th) I had my 36 week Doctor's appointment. While there I was told that my blood pressure was slightly elevated & I need to keep an eye on it so if it stayed 140/90 I needed to call Dr. Nix ASAP. I was a little freaked out about it because I'd been having pretty bad headaches that week but figured it was just a little stress. I also found out I was dilated to a 2! Crazy!

Friday came & went. I didn't check my BP because I hadn't purchased an automated cuff yet.

Saturday morning I got a BP cuff. Checked my BP a couple of times throughout the day. Each time my BP was elevated to the point where I should've called Dr Nix but talked myself out of it. I figured the more I checked it the higher it would get because I was stressing out about it. Kyle wasn't convinced that my BP was that high & figured that the cuff was a little defective-I didn't completely disagree. Also I had been doing a lot that day. I was trying to finalize some stuff in Cooper's room as well as doing some laundry for him. I put his stroller together & we installed his car seat in the car. & the list goes on! So I decided I would check my BP first thing Sunday morning before I got all stressed out about it again...

Looking back at this weekend (& the days leading up to it) Kyle & I both agree it felt like things were about to change or like it was our last weekend as just the two of us. Here's some reasons why:
-We got our new car the week prior.
-The week before Kyle gave me a new phone which I wanted before Cooper's arrival.
-The weekend before our great friends, the Bartons, came for a visit. MinDee did my hair & we got pedicures together. We've hung out with them a million times in the past but they came were there the weekend before we got married too. So our last weekend before we were married & our last weekend before we were parents-we spent with the Bartons! :)
-Friday at work I cleaned out my desk (I already had a replacement), turned in one of my keys, & handed out all the Thank You cards.
-I put the stroller together & we installed the car seat (I had a strong feeling it needed to be done on Saturday)
-I couldn't just rest & enjoy the weekend. I felt like there was always something that needed to be done to get ready for Cooper.
-Saturday night Kyle & I went out to big dinner to celebrate Mothers Day. Afterwards we talked about how it felt like the last supper for us for some reason.

I'm sure there are more I just can't remember off of the top of my head! :P

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Everything NEW!

So I have to admit-I was pretty spoiled the past week. Here's how:

I'd been available for a cell phone upgrade for over a year now but I've been holding out for the WHITE iPhone. We were hoping it would come out before Cooper's birth because it would just make life easier with the great camera, video, & face time features. I was starting to get nervous that Cooper would come before the phone BUT FINALLY on Thursday Apple officially released the white iphone for sell. :) Kyle said he'd buy it for me online & have it shipped to our house because we figured it'd be sold out by the time we got home from work & went to the Apple Store. I spoke with Kyle at lunch & he gave me the sad news that he'd waited too long & the phones had already sold out. This REALLY bummed me out because I was having a crummy day at work & I was really looking forward to some good news. (I made myself feel a little better with a chickfila milk shake. hehe) Kyle rushed home from work that day saying he had to run to the church to take care of some Elders Quorum stuff (btw he just got called to be the 2nd councilor!). Needless to say it was all a ploy. Kyle came back with the white iphone & made me one happy wifey! I'm one lucky lady!

Kyle taking a picture of his iphone with my iphone. It's never ending! (no I'm not asleep in the background just looks like it.)

Kyle & I have been talking about getting a newer/more reliable car for a while now. Our cars have been great to us but we wanted something secure with baby Cooper on the way. A week ago we went to check out the 2011 Hyundai Elantra but since they are selling like hot cakes we ended up looking at the Elantra Touring (same car but with a hatch back). I fell in love with the Touring version! I thought it was roomier & overall just awesome! :) We spent 2 days in that dealership trying to get everything to work out but no luck. We came home empty handed but Kyle went into overdrive & worked his booty off trying to find us a better deal at another dealership. His work paid off! Friday night about 10pm we were handed the keys to our new 2011 Hyundai Elantra! I'm so proud of Kyle for all the work he put into this! We celebrated by going to Sonic Drive In & stuffing our faces (we hadn't had dinner).

Kyle saying goodbye to his Jeep!

Goodbye Sonata! :( The only car I ever owned.

Our first picture with our new car. :)

We love you little blue Touring! We pray you will last 10 years like our last cars!

Saturday the Bartons came to visit. MinDee & I were able to get some MUCH needed girl time in by getting pedicures! It was so great to spend time together while being pampered. That night MinDee gave me some highlights & a trim.

SO I was right, right? I'm pretty spoiled! New phone, car, toes, & hair! The only thing that would've topped it is adding a new BABY to the list but negative-Cooper isn't ready yet. :)