Monday, February 20, 2012

Ramble on...

I've been meaning to blog for a couple of weeks but haven't so I'm doing it now when I should be packing for Vegas. (Coop & I are flying out tomorrow morning! Can't wait!) So I'll make it short & get to the pictures-that's always the best part right?!

What's been going on:
-Cooper's two teeth are getting SO big!
-Kyle & I got adventurous & made some delicious pizza from scratch.
-Cooper & I had lunch with Kyle & visited with his coworkers.
-We went to the zoo with Erin, Finn, & Liv. (I can't remember if I posted about that or not)
-Our friend Geoff came for a little visit (next time you've got to bring your wife & kid!!)
-Kyle & I are back to running (well I've stopped temporary but will start back soon) We're gearing up for the Cooper River Bridge Run. Woo hoo!
-Cooper holds his own bottle now-he's getting so big!
-Cooper & Kyle went to Krispy Kreme for the first time thanks to the Mitchells. :)

Dad taught him.

Best of friends....usually.


Cooper, Mary, & Luke watching the
conveyor belt of doughnuts.

Cooper was feeling a little overwhelmed. ha!

Swinging & loving it!

Entertaining Dad at work.


Bacon, Tomato, Avacado Pizza. AMAZING

My Valentines

Happy Valentine's Day! (a week late-I know) So I am a fan of this holiday. I think it's great to have another reminder to say I LOVE YOU whether it's to your mom, husband, dog, etc. It's nice to have a day love every now & then. :)

I am so blessed to have so many Valentines in my life. (meaning people I love) This year it was especially nice to spend this special day with my newest Valentine-Cooper. :) Cupid dropped off a little monkey for Cooper & Coop loved it! 

To celebrate I made some yummy sugar cookies that Kyle & I decorated for ourselves & for Kyle's coworkers. We had quite the sugar high afterwards! We surprised each other with small gifts (neither one of us had mentioned exchanging gifts) & had a nice evening at home.

Cooper got some Valentine's Cards for Meema

Our Cookie creations.

Kyle knows how to spoil me!

photoshoot with Coop & the monkey :)

I can't get enough of that smile!

I promise the monkey wasn't too tight.

Special shout out to my friend Cheerio (Cassandra O). I was so thrilled to receive a Valentine's Card & a note from Cheerio in the mail. She is so sweet! I miss her so very much & hope that one day we will live closer!! Cheerio.....I LOVE YOU!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

9 Months Old

Cooper turned 9 months old yesterday. He also had his 9 month check up. I don't usually list his stats but I suppose I will this time. Cooper's head circumference is in the 85%, weight: 19.1 lbs (25%), & height: 26.75 inches (5-10%). Poor little guy. If you look at him you'd never guess he was a bit of a shrimp. One day you'll grow into that head of yours Coop, one day. :) Cooper did fantastic at his appointment. The nurses were impressed with him & are all in love with his big blue eyes. Can you blame them? :)

I am loving this little boy that Cooper is becoming. He has started to roll all over the place. (I'm realizing the need to step back more & let him whine a little so he can get to exploring) He loves to try & get Moose (if she's close by). If he can't get to her then he enjoys just sitting & laughing at her while she tries to get his socks & licks his fingers. Moose loves to bring Coop her toys in hopes that he will play tug of war with her. On a few occasions I've found Cooper putting one of Moose's toys in his mouth with Moose looking at him with much confusion. (This has not been documented in photos because I grab the dirty toy from Coop before the thought of taking a picture even occurs) I'm glad that Coop & Moose are good friends.

Cooper is eating like a champ. He loves all the baby food we've given him & is getting more into the 'real' people food. (ex: cut up banana vs. pureed banana) He's got 2 teeth on the bottom & I have a feeling there are more that will surface pretty soon. 

Cooper still loves to suck on his left arm or the fingers on his right hand.... that's going to be a fun habit to break one day... :P 

Cooper's 9 month photo shoot

Silly face! (look at those teeth!)

Cooper checking out how the
doughnuts are made with his friends
Mary & Luke.

Cooper's first Krispy Kreme Experience

Coopers first time swinging.

We love you Coop! Happy 9 months!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

& then there was...

A TOOTH!! :) On Jan 20th Cooper's first tooth popped through! I'd been checking his mouth for what seemed like forever but never felt or saw anything. (Cooper has been drooling nonstop since he turned 2 or 3 months old) So on that Friday after his bath he was jabbering & there is was! A TOOTH! I was freaking out! I yelled for Kyle to come in & he thought something was wrong due to my crazy antics. :) I was a ball of emotion. I was (& still am a little) SO very happy that Coop has a tooth BUT sad that my little baby is growing so fast! (He was 8.5 months at the time of the first tooth! Crazy)

Since tooth number 1 came into view, I could see second tooth just waiting to break through too! So a week &  a half later tooth number 2 is here! I've been taking loads of pics trying to get these teeth officially documented & I think I've finally gotten it.

If you look VERY close you can see both of his
bottom teeth. (I promise they're there)

Here's a good pic of his First tooth, it's
his bottom right tooth.

& just for fun here's a pic of Coop & Moose from
our photoshoot. :)