Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I miss...

Today I'm feeling a pretty down on myself-just one of those 'woe is me' days so I thought I'd look at some pictures to cheer me up. I knew exactly which folder on my computer to go to: April 2008 Cruise Pictures! There are a ton & I'm mainly doing this for myself so feel free to skip this post all together.


These guys, the Bartons. They are amazingly awesome in my book.

Getting rained on with my honey.

Cuddling up for some entertainment on the ship with these guys!


The sweet hats & shirts we purchased.

This beach.

Eating Key Lime Pie in Key West, FL.

Getting my hair done everyday by the magnificent MinDee!

Realizing the cruise is over...well maybe I don't miss that realization.

the DELICIOUS food!


Jack Knife Geoff!

Being twinners with my bestie

Getting sea sick on the last day... ok so maybe I don't miss the whole being sick thing
but if I were sea sick that'd mean I'm on a boat & that'd be nice!


My toes in the sand.

The salty breeze on my face.

The scary "Independence Day" looking cloud.

The towel animals that surprised us each night.


Being 9o miles away from Cuba.

This bike ride around Key West.

These two waiters/servers-they were so good to us!



Being tan & wearing my swim suit all day everyday!

Dancing on the deck!

I miss our 'HUGE WINDOW' that turned out to be a small porthole.

Being the trophy wife of this Game Show winner & cruise ship celebrity! :)


This ship.

This drive.

& again-the Bartons.

In conclusion I also miss: "Sea Turtles", scoof scoof dancing, "My poney plays the mamba", eating ice cream cones at all hours of the day/night, & Celebrating Good Times with awesome friends.

Monday, July 26, 2010


Ever have those days where you have so much that you COULD do but you can't seem to talk yourself into getting any of it done? That's me today (& probably most days-ha!). Its like I've gotten 95% of everything in it's place & out of boxes but I can't motivate myself to take care of that last 5%. I don't know what is wrong with me! Well I guess it could be: Facebook, Blogger, Netflix, "wishful" shopping on Etsy, etc.

I really need to be taking advantage of this time that I'm not working...or maybe I am taking advantage of it by being lazy?! Oh I don't know! I should at least go take a shower today...I guess. :P

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Are Pigs Flying?!

Besides unpacking, cleaning, shopping at Ikea, & exploring ATL-I have actually started to....(don't faint)....COOK! All of our family/friends know Kyle is the head chef in our kitchen but my have things changed! (hence the title-this is such a bizarre thing for me) We have recently been blessed with an amazing kitchen that is very open with tons of counter space & pretty nice appliances. Our old kitchen was fine but it was hard for more than 1 person to be in there cooking at the same time so we are very grateful for the upgrade in our new condo/loft/apartment!

So far we have enjoyed Chicken & JalapeƱo Quesadillas, Chicken Alfredo (shout out to Rachel for showing me how it's done a couple of weeks ago), & what we call 'Moose Spaghetti!' No not the most intricate dishes BUT this is a MAJOR step for me! :) I'm trying to be a good homemaker since I'm jobless (& ok with it) for the time being.

I know the family/friends needed proof that I actually cooked it so I took pictures. :) I guess I should've taken a picture of Kyle this morning so yall could see that he didn't kill over from eating my food! haha


Chicken Alfredo with FRESH Green Beans & Garlic Bread sticks!
(this is Kyle's plate-he's good with his plate presentation)

This is a noodle in the shape of a Moose!
They sell them at Ikea & we get them because of our DOG Moose! :)

I cooked Spaghetti with Moose noodles & Garlic Toast.
(Can you tell we LOVE garlic?)

Hopefully I will keep up the cooking trend. I love to bake but that's nothing new. I'm really in the mood to make a cake or cupcakes but being here all day by myself is NOT a good match if there's some goodies BEGGING me to eat them!! How could I ever say no?!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


So I have officially survived my first week in Atlanta! Monday brought the reality that Kyle had to go to work while I stayed here & looked at the crazy mess of boxes, dishes, & just STUFF everywhere. I started off in the kitchen, taking the advice of my friend MinDee. I am proud to say that I unpacked, organized & then even re organized the kitchen that day! :) I even ventured out to the Post Office & enjoyed some yummy ChickFilA for lunch! That night my bro in law, Matthew, came into town with my nephews, Keaton & Beck. It was so fun to have them around!

We couldn't believe that Beck really fell asleep like this!

Beck put one of our boxes to good use.

Guitar Hero time! Keaton rocking the vocals while Jade & Beck jam the guitar & bass!

The boys left Tuesday evening so it was back to reality for me come Wednesday morning! I had to get to unpacking & organizing. Slowly but surely things started to come together. Thursday I met Kyle downtown for lunch! I am SO proud of myself because I rode the MARTA all by myself! Kyle & I had gone downtown on Sunday to check out Olympic Park so that gave me an idea of what to expect. Once I made it (it's about a 20 min ride) it was frustrating trying to find Kyle! There were people EVERYWHERE walking around-knowing where they're going of course- & a plethora of HIGH rise buildings towering over me. Needless to say I was pretty intimidated even though I tried REALLY hard not to show it. Anywho! Lunch was super yummy & it was great to get out of the house & see Kyle.

The whole Lusk crew came to town Thursday night. Matthew was doing some training at GP so Minnette & the kids joined in so we could all hang out. After dinner at a pizza place we walked to the Winston Hotel which used to be the TALLEST hotel in the world but now I think it is the tallest in the western hemisphere?! Idk. At the top there this a revolving restaurant & an area where you can look down on Atlanta.

Beck keeping us entertained while we wait for dinner.

Minnette snapped this pic on her phone of us at the top of the Westin

I know this one is dark but I wanted to get a pic of Kyle & 'his' building! Go GP!

Turner Field! The Braves were playing!

Friday Kyle headed off to work & I met back up with the Lusk crew. First we headed to the Georgia Aquarium. It was fun to be there with the kids but it was SOOO crowded & I wasn't as impressed as I thought I would be since it's the WORLD'S LARGEST AQUARIUM. I'd definitely go back to give it one more try-just not during the weekend!

(thanks again Minnette for the pic!)

Minnette, Beck & Drake taking a CLOSE look at the penguins.

Hello Penguins!

Avery & I at the 3D movie Deepo Under the Sea.
(We couldn't decide if it was 4D or not-either way: no so great)

After the Aquarium we charged up on granola bars & headed straight to World of Coke! It was also a pretty crowded place BUT it was pretty interesting! We were able to see a lot of old Coke products, learn about how Coca-Cola came about, see Coca-Cola being made, watch a FUN 4D Movie, & try coke products from ALL over the WORLD! Did you know that for the first 70ish years of Coke's exsistence they NEVER branched out from original Coca-Cola? When they finally did branch out, they invented Diet Coca-Cola. Pretty neat huh? Here are some pics!

Waiting to go inside!

Santa is that really you?!

Keaton immediately could name the model of this OLD truck! :)

VegitaBeta Soda is where it's at! It's from Japan & Oh so yummy!

After trying soda from ALL over the world & getting sugar belly to the max. You get to leave with your own little bottle of Coke!

Friday night Kyle & I went on a date! :) We went to the movies & gorged ourselves on pop corn, twizzlers, & sour patch kids! Saturday we ran to Ikea. Oh how I love that place! I wish I could buy everything! After Ikea we decided to check out Georgia's LARGEST Farmers Market. (note to self: do NOT go to any place that attracts LOADS of ppl on a weekend. i.e. aquarium, world of coke, farmers market, etc!) It was HUGE! There was SO much food & endless varieties! There were fish heads, blue crabs, organic milk, cake, cheese of all kinds, breads galore, any kind of veggie you could imagine, fruit I'd never heard of, & more! It's fun to see how diverse ATL is. I feel like I'm growing out of the small town roots!

I took a picture of this to PROVE to Kyle that they are BUGGIES not CARTS! We've been fighting this battle ever since we met. I have officially won but to not cause any contention I will continue to call them carts for my husbands sake! ;)

Had to take a pic of the blue crabs for my brother, Bryant.

Kyle shucking some yummy corn for us!

This was a CrAzY piece of fruit! I can't remember the name but it was wild looking & expensive!
(sorry I forgot to rotate the pic!)