Monday, January 23, 2012

Cooper's First Christmas!

After our Ensign Disney reunion we loaded up the car & heading north, to good ol' Hartsville, SC. We visited so much family, ate so much food, opened presents, drove all over, had a sick baby, & didn't get much sleep that it's hard to remember it all!

Christmas Eve we went to Papa & Mama's for the Ellison Christmas Party. It was so awesome to see so many wonderful family members, some I haven't seen in years. Everyone loved seeing & meeting Cooper. (Cooper on the other hand wasn't having the best of time. He'd been throwing up all day but he was such a champ.) After eating, laughing, reminiscing, & cleaning up more puke we headed out to the Ensign Party. (I hated leaving Papa's so soon but that's the story of our lives when we are home due to having so many family members in one place. It's a blessing & a curse.) At both parties Cooper was showered with so many gifts & lots of love. Cooper even got to sit on Santa's lap! :)

Christmas Day came & went tremendously fast. Cooper woke up to some gifts from Santa. :) Kyle, Cooper, & myself then headed back down to Papa & Mama's to enjoy Christmas morning with them before heading to church. After church we had some Ensign family pictures taken followed by more family, food, & fun. 

Like I said I don't remember much of the details. It's a good thing Cooper won't remember this Christmas either because who wants to be sick for Christmas?! So now it's time for some pictures. (all are out of order)
I can't remember if I posted this already.
Cooper with Santa at our ward Cmas Party.
Santa left Cooper some Weeble Wobbles
in his slippers. (old family tradition)

Santa left some good stuff!
Cooper meeting Santa #2.
Cooper Christmas morning.
He just woke up so he's a little confused. :)
Ensign Family Fun
Uncle Karlito getting some practice. :)
Cooper playing with the lights.
(taken pre disney)
Cutie little Coop
(pre disney)
Katie, Coop & me
LOVED seeing her & her family!
Papa, Mama, me, Coop, & Mom
We said goodbye on our way out of town.
Our only family pic from Christmas.
(yes Kyle has a mustache, it was only there for a day
due to cutting off his christmas beard)
So even though Cooper's first Christmas may not have gone as I would've imagined, I am eternally grateful for the true reason for the season. For the birth of our Savior, as well as His life, example, teachings, & His atoning sacrifice. 

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My Dearest Cooper

You are in your crib all cozy & sleeping while I lie awake aching.
I want to hold you. 
I want to snuggle your little body up to mine. 
I want to hold your hand & see you smile. 
I want to feel your cheek on my cheek. 
I want to look into your big bright eyes.
I want to tell you I love you. 
I want to hold you for forever & ever.

I hope & pray that you always know how much I love you. 
Even on my bad days, I love you.

I love you.

I love you.

I love you.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Ensign Disney Reunion 2011

It's been a month (to the day) since our Disney trip so I figured I'd better get rolling on blogging about it! :P I can't recall every detail of every day so here are a few things I'd like to mention (in no specific order).

-Cooper did amazing. I have to admit that my expectations for a 7 month old spending 5 days at Disney would be horrendous but I have been proven wrong! Cooper loved taking in ALL of the sights & even riding a few rides! :)
-I am a HUGE fan of the parent swap pass & the fast pass. Disney knows how to make Moms (& everyone else for that matter) happy!
-I had a blast being around all of the M&P Ensign crew! I am so very blessed to be a part of such a special family.
-Disney really is a magical place. I may or may not have had a 'moment' upon entering Magic Kingdom. I was surprised by what I felt being at Disney & being able to share it with Cooper. (even though he won't remember it)
-Cooper took his very first BIG boy bath in the bathtub at Disney. He absolutely LOVED it!
-We went to Hollywood, Animal Kingdom, Epcot, & Magic Kingdom & stayed at the Pop Century Hotel.
-I really enjoyed staying at Disney & taking the Bus everywhere. It's less stressful in my opinion.
-I LOVED meeting the characters even if I am an adult. :)
-Cooper got Mickey ears with his name in them.
-I appreciate all of the time, effort, money, sacrifice, running to get fast passes, etc by all of the family members to make this reunion happen!!
-The Christmas lights in downtown America by the Osborne Family were AMAZING!
-Cooper's clogged tear duct that he'd had since birth miraculously cleared up while at Disney!

Now for some pictures!
the Aerosmith Ride. FUN!

Meeting Tigger!

Eeyore was so cute. Cooper didn't know
what to think.

Uncle Karl with Tigger! 

Passed out!

We conquered Everest!
Loved this statue at our hotel.
My sister use to have a Mickey phone!

My boys

More lights! 

Cooper took his FIRST BIG boy bath at Disney.

Meeting Mickey for the first time. Coop loved his nose!

Donald Duck!
(As you can see Coop liked to touch the characters,
the staff didn't enjoy that so much)

Loved the Mickey & Minnie topiarys. (sp?)

I was feeding Coop & I still beat Kyle on
the Buzz Lightyear ride! :)


LOVE elephants & especially BABY elephants like this one!
The Safari ride was amazing!

Sorry Mr. Racoon, I don't remember your name.

Cooper & Kyle planning out their life in Tomorrow Land.

Kyle took Cooper on Dumbo! Yay!

Happy baby Coop!

At Magic Kingdom we were able to get a Fast Pass to meet Mickey & Minnie Mouse. I have to admit, after such a long week of non stop Disney I was more ready to go back to the hotel & relax then to meet them. We, Cooper, Kyle, & myself, waited in our little group of 8 or so to go into Mickey's special quarters & meet him. There was a family in front of us that consisted of parents & 2 young children: a girl about 5 & a boy around 7. The kids were filled with anticipation, excitement, & wonder. I could tell by the boy's actions that he had a couple of 'special' things about him. (I don't know how to word it & I sincerely hope it does NOT come across offensive) I mention this young boy because I was so moved by him. The boy was about to burst with excitement. Once the door openned & Mickey was standing in front of him, the boy seriously couldn't control his love for Mickey. He just kept yelling & jumping even though his parents tried to calm & quiet him down. Finally it was the little boy's turn, he ran up to Mickey & gave him a BIG hug. During the few minute encounter he wouldn't let go of Mickey & he couldn't stop saying his name. It was so sweet to see the extra time & special care that Mickey & Minnie took with this sweet little boy. It brought tears to my eyes then & it still does when I think back to that experience. (I wish I could put it all into better words but I can't) I don't remember much from meeting Mickey & Minnie (nor can I find the super cute pictures) but I am so grateful to have witnessed the sweet innocence of that young boy. 

Monday, January 9, 2012

8 Months Old

Cooper turned 8 months old yesterday! He's such a fun little guy to have around. No matter how many poopie diapers I change, mornings I wake up earlier than I'd like, messes I clean up, onesies I fold, etc it is all COMPLETELY worth it when I get a smile, laugh, or snuggle from my little man. :)

sitting like a big boy for the first time
in a shopping cart!

trying on daddy's hat for size. :)

always making funny faces.


Not enjoying the COLD weather & the
attire that comes with it.

8 month photo shoot

such a happy little guy

doesn't he look like a little man here?!

Happy 8 Months Coop! I'm not sure if you will crawl but your sitting & standing skills rock so maybe this time next month you'll be learning to walk.