Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Valentine's Day 2013

Valentine's Day was filled with lots of fun! Kyle woke up to a breakfast of heart pancakes secretly packed into his work bag. (I'm pretty proud that mission was a success) For lunch Coop & I headed downtown to be with Kyle. After a few failed restaurant attempts we ended up at the GP Cafe in Kyle's building. It didn't disappoint! Kyle & I split a cheeseburger & a turkey bacon wrap. Yum! Coop had a heart shaped PB&J. 

After lunch we went to visit some of Kyle's coworkers. It took Coop a few minutes to warm up to everyone but after a couple of cookies he had a great time. :) We also brought some Vday cookies to share with the office. (Shout out to Erin for always leading each holiday cookie making session) Cooper didn't want to leave but we finally headed out just before 2.

For dinner we had quesadillas. Nothing too special but the night before we had ham, egg, & cheese biscuits. I made the biscuits heart shaped. :) One way to Kyle's heart-Biscuits!

Kyle then presented me with a 2 pound bag of hot tamales & a card. I'm pretty sure I'll have heartburn for the next month! I love them! Cooper colored on some hearts that I cut out. We listed some of the things he loved about Dad on them. "Thanks for always sneaking me cookies" "I love when we go on walks together" "Thanks for always convincing Mom to let me watch TV" etc

We had a great Vday. Cooper got a cute card from his MeMa that has a 'ruff ruff' on it. Also when my dad & aunt came to visit for the wknd they brought some yummy treats!

 photo 4F6A16AC-4456-49B7-BF52-13E29C2CCCFE-6729-000004AD6197BCF2_zps95b85c70.jpg
Ham Egg & Cheese Biscuit

 photo 52A244FC-4245-4F8B-8339-78D44C3183D2-6729-000004AD5C6E3187_zps55c5015b.jpg
Biscuit Love!

 photo 02E2C9EA-C279-40F3-B0FB-CFA1B34DB046-6729-000004AD658C2A1F_zps6e46addd.jpg
The Pancakes before & after :)

 photo 063B2A23-D55B-4752-9188-F388CC89DB03-6729-000004AD6A42F73E_zps8c6169fd.jpg
Yummy cookies

 photo C7507E26-8783-45DD-AC3C-2E31CBFC75B0-6729-000004AD7122208C_zps8c8a393c.jpg
Having fun at work with Daddy.

 photo B23DE960-41C1-406D-983A-B2063E9BAE9E-6729-000004AD7480532C_zps342de18d.jpg
Some of the Vday loot.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Proud Moments of the Day

#1 A friend commented that Cooper was growing into his large head. Aka he's actually gotten a bit taller. Yes!

Cooper spotted another friend & her daughter during Sacrament Meeting (church) & immediately ran to them. After coming back to tell us he saw Sarah & Mary he then ran back to play more. #2 Cooper loves & knows our friends.

#3 & #4 After church I went to pick Coop up from the nursery. As we walked out one of the Nursery leaders commented on how great of a talker Cooper is. I thanked her & said my farewell. Cooper proceeded to repeat what I said 'thank you! See you later! Bye bye!'

Later that afternoon we went back to church to attend a baptism. At one pint we watched a slide show of pictures of Kaity (girl getting baptized). One popped up of Kaity at Disney w Mickey. Through the silence you hear 'MICKEY!!' #5 Yep, that was Coop. #6 He also decided to sing 'Wheels on the Bus' during the confirmation. Singing 'beep beep beep all through the TOWN!' Slightly embarrassed at his timing but proud he loves to sing.

#7 & #8 Letting Cooper eat whatever he wanted during the Superbowl shindig & letting him stay up & play with friends until 11. Yeah I'm pretty sure I'm the model of an amazing Mom... Ha!

These are just a few of the many times I'm proud of Cooper but maybe not so proud of his timing or my parenting skills. Well, such is life. :)