Monday, November 19, 2012

18 Months

I have an 18 month old. That's right, Cooper turned 18 months Nov 8th. I'm still processing it. Where has the time gone?!

Here are so fun facts about Cooper:
-Climbs onto the couch
-LOVES Trains 'toot toots,' Tractors 'ta-tor,' & Trucks
-Would only eat fruit all day, everyday if I let him, especially bananas 'nanas'
-12 teeth at the moment with more close to surfacing.
-Doesn't say "hi" much but is quick to wave & say 'bye bye'
-If you read him a book, yall are best friends & he expects you to read to him the remainder of the day.
-Says 25ish words & lots of animal sounds.
-"Sings" ABC's, Twinkle Twinkle, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Clean Up, & other random tunes he makes up.
-Enjoys any toy, instrument that makes music.
-Folds his arms when it's time to pray & says Amen.
-Has fun during bath time until it's time to wash his'd think we were trying to kill him.
-Likes to watch PBS TV 'deet deet' (Cat in the Hat, Curious George, Super Why, Sesame Street)
-Has started to count. (well he makes a noise for each number but hasn't a clue what the number is)
-Knows 8 body parts.
-Favorite animal at the moment is a Tiger.
-Loves to give hugs & kisses to Mom & Dad.
-Has so much fun in Nursery at church. (Who wouldn't love to play, eat snacks, & spend time with friends?)
-Doesn't eat vegetables unless they are secretly hidden in things like smoothies, eggs, quesadillas, etc.
-Has a "yum" sound when food is good whether he's the one eating it or not & an "ooOooo" sounds when something looks neat or fun.
-First 'hair cut' was the night before he turned 18months. It was just a trim by me. No more curly 'duck tail.'

Cooper is 32 inches tall (25-50%) & 28 pounds (85-95%) with a head circumference 51cm (off the charts).

LOVED the train pics Daddy brought home
 from work. (He didn't see them until the
next morning)

Exercised his right to vote.

Checking out the Costco deals

A little Yoga


We love you Cooper! Some of my favorite moments with you are when I get 'loves.' (hugs & kisses) It is also so sweet to cuddle up, read books, & then hold you just before nap/bedtime. & it's ridiculously cute when you use your imagination to make, eat, & share food. (always reminds me of the lost boys dinner scene in Hook)

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012

Kyle's mom, Pat, bought Cooper the cutest Tiger costume for Halloween. We've had it for over a couple of months & almost daily Cooper runs up to it & wants to play with it. He loves the little face on the hood. We did a couple of practice runs with the costume to make sure he was ready for the big debut & boy was he ready! 

Saturday our ward had a Trunk or Treat. It was so fun seeing all the kids dressed up & to be able to enjoy it with Cooper. (Last year he was only 5 months & although he was quite the cute dragon, he couldn't have cared less.) This year he loved carrying around his pumpkin & he did a great job & saying "RAWR" when asked what a Tiger says. He can also say Trick or Treat when asked but it sounds more like "Tick-et-Teet!" 

Somehow we handed out 5lbs of candy at the trunk or treat & got about 30 pieces in return. There were loads of kids! I initially gave out handfuls but soon adjusted to just giving a piece or two due to the amount of kids & of those there were a lot of return 'costumers.'

On Halloween Cooper didn't go trick or treating the traditional way... I dressed him up in his Tiger outfit before we headed off to Kroger. He got lots of attention & even some candy from the cashiers. He said his "RAWR"s & "Ticket Teets" so it was all well deserved. :)

I can't wait to see what next Halloween brings! Hopefully more fun with Cooper & more candy for ME!! haha

Photo shoot before we took off to the Church.

LOVE that tail!

Cooper sitting in our slightly decorated trunk.

Off to Trick or Treat with Daddy.

Now they get to hand out candy.

Happy Halloween!