Friday, October 26, 2012

Fall Frenzy Part II

After our apple picking excursion we got some BBQ for lunch then we went pumpkin picking at Burt's Farm. This place was pretty packed too! I love seeing the HUGE pumpkins. One day we'll have a house, porch, & yard that I can decorate with these ridiculously big pumpkins.

We tried to take some cute pics with Coop & the pumpkins. It was a bit hard to do because of the amount of people & because Coop's nap was about 20 minutes long so he wasn't really feeling it at first. Once he saw a 4-wheeler & a few tractors then he was good to go. :) He did enjoy knocking on the pumpkins. It was cute. We let Coop pick out 3 little pumpkins before we left. 

We had a great day together. Being in the more mountainous region made Kyle & I want to go camping but knew it would be too cold for Coop. I loved watching all the leaves 'rain' down as we drove through the wooded areas. Cooper enjoyed watching Finding Nemo as we drove the 3ish hr round trip.

Thanks Kyle for planning our Fall Frenzy! 

Col Poole's BBQ

My little man. :)

Kyle hates it when I take pics of Coop
crying... idk why I do it but I do.

Knocking on the pumpkins.

Cooper's Big Green Tractor

Tiny Pumpkins!

Fall Frenzy Part I

Last Friday Kyle took the day off so we could enjoy a day together as a family. It was dubbed our Fall Frenzy Friday. We left around 9am & cruised up to Northern GA to try our hand at apple picking. We got to Mercier Orchard just 45 minutes after it opened & the place was packed! Fortunately we were able to get right onto the hayride that led us to the orchard. Cooper loved seeing all the tractors as they brought in trailer loads of people. He didn't care much for the whole apple picking business but if there was a John Deere tractor in eyesight then he was good to go.

We were give 4 choices of apples to pick from. I remember Pink Ladies & Braeburn... I can't remember the other two. We walked around & tried each kind but Pink Lady apples have always been a favorite. Kyle walked around with Cooper on his back & I loaded up our two plastic grocery size type bags up with apples. They don't really give you any instruction on how to choose the apple (as far as ripeness & all) so I just picked the ones that looked good. 

After loading up on apples we headed back on another trailer ride. We went in the shop hoping to enjoy some delicious apple treats but the place was overflowing with bodies. The bakery shelves were all but empty. Even if we found something to buy the 2 register lines were at least 30 people deep each & moving slow. We decided it wasn't worth the wait & left.

Overall it was really fun to go to the orchards & we're glad we went. Maybe we'll go again next year & pick a week day so we can get some treats from the bakery!

Look at ALL those apples!

We loved looking out & seeing the
Fall colors & mountains!

Cooper was a bit overwhelmed by it all.

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All Coop really wanted to do was look at the
John Deere work truck thingy. (yep that's what it's called)

Would you like an apple?

Coop having fun riding on Dad's back.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Jilli's Bridal Brunch

We (Renee, Ann, Minnette, myself, Mom, & Mama) all through a Bridal shower for Jilli. It was so great seeing so much family come out & support Jilli & Bryant. The decor was so cute, the food was delish, the presents were awesome, & the company was even better! It was so great to meet Jilli's Mom, Laura, & most of her sisters, Brynn, Courtney, & Tori. 

Minnette, Mom, Ann, JILLI, Renee, Mama, & Me

Jilli & Courtney

The FOOD! yum!

Microwave! woo hoo!

Pots & Pans

Waffle/Brownie Maker :)

Cooper being cute for Kortney

LB Ross

Jilli with all the loot! (some not pictured)

Jilli & her momma

Courtney, Tori, Jilli, Laura, & Brynn

Bryant came to check it all out at the end of the shindig.
Cooper was obsessed with Bryant's beard face.

Cooper was a bit overwhelmed by the amount of people & food so he wasn't having the best of time. Special thanks to those that helped entertain Coop & keep him well fed. :)

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Hartsville Bound (again)

2ish weeks ago Cooper & I hitched a ride with Mom to her house. We visited family & stayed a night there before we heading further east to the Hartsville.

Once we got to the ville it was nonstop! Coop & I stayed with Kyles parents. It's always fun at the Ensign compound! Mom was so nice & let me have her van for the weekend so I could burn up the roads in Hartsville driving back & forth be family.

Some things we did:
-played with Charlie
-went to Sams w Pat (thanks again!)
-ate way too much food
-watched General Conference
-had a Bridal shower for Jilli (more on that later)
-enjoyed the wonderful weather
-spent time with so many cousins, grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc
-we were spoiled as usual by all the fam
-went to Big Lots (LOVE IT!)
-we celebrated Mama's 81st birthday & their 65th wedding anniversary!!

A special moment for me was watching Cooper run into Mama & Papa's house & look for his sweet great grandparents. There's nothing like watching him wrap his arms around their necks & know he feels the same love that I've been so blessed to feel all my life. Also the next day Mama sat on the floor & played with Cooper & Ross. Yes, my 81 year old Gma got down just to play with these two toddlers. It was awesome! I hope I can do the same at that age!!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Ensign Family Campout 2012

The annual Ensign Campout was last weekend. It was great spending time with the family that were able to come.

Friday Kyle took the day off so we packed up & took off mid morning. The drive to SC was easy breezy. We did pit stop at Tanger Outlets in GA. Coop got the hook up-like usual. ;) We got to the campsite around 2. We reserved 2 sites so that we could set up all the tents on one & then eat, cook, chill out on the other.

Everyone made it by late afternoon. Once camp was all set up we got the fire going. The fire took forever to get going so Tiff & I took the kids to the nearby park. Coop enjoyed watching his cousins run around like crazy. He joined in in the fun by sharing his wood chips & laughing when they made silly faces.

For dinner we had hot dogs & Frito Chili pie. It was delish! For dessert there were s'mores, cookies, & homemade vanilla ice cream with crushed Oreos. (Yes we brought the churn camping. Roughing it right?!)

Cooper slept like a champ. He was exhausted from running around & falling. (There were ridiculous amounts of gravel. The rocks were bigger than normal so he tripped more times than I can count. His poor little knees are still bruised. He kept getting back up & trying to keep up with his cousins.) sSo since Coop slept great-so did I! I guess it started lightly raining early in the morning... I didn't notice because I was out like a trout!

So after the early rain & NO RAIN FLAP on our tent or the Greenburg mansion, we all got up & started breakfast. We had eggs, pancakes, & bacon. (Yes we had an electric griddle too. I said we were roughing, didn't I?!) Breakfast was good & somebody busted out the leftover sweet treats so we were all happy!

Unfortunately the chance of rain continued to increase so we packed up camp early. Kyle really wanted to go canoeing but the weather didn't permit. :( After we were all packed up we went to check out the horses (this park allowed horses & had numerous trails) & play before we headed home.

Cooper was a little wary of the massive horses but he giggled when I brushed his hand over the horses nose. I hate that we didn't get a picture of coop w the horses. It was cute!

On our way home we decided to check in on Mom's house because she was out of town. We got way more than we bargained for! Mom's fridge went out & was baking everything inside! It was terrible & incredibly smelly. I hope I don't have to experience that again & that's all I'll say.

Now onto the pictures! See if you can spot the pictures that were secretly taken with Karl's phone! :) thanks to photo stream I was able to get them too!