Sunday, April 10, 2011

Mount P Shower

Pam, Auntie Ann, & Caye threw us a baby shower in Mount Pleasant. They are such amazing ladies that I love dearly & are so special to me! Here's the low down.

The shower was at Pam's house (one of the cutest houses EVER-seriously) I went early to see my Mt P Momma Pam while Kyle & his parents went to dinner. I just love being at her house. It feels like a home away from home. She was putting th final touches on everything so it was great to chat & enjoy each others company. Caye joined in early too & it was so amazing to see her!! Right before the shower started I had a surprise guest stop by-Bishop Bert Young! He just happen to be in town for a business trip so he dropped off a gift from his precious wife Jennefer (one of the sweetest ladies ever-seriously). I could've cried when I saw him but I held back. Good thing Jennefer wasn't there or I probably would've gotten to the ugly cry quick! ha!

I had such a great time at the shower. Pam went OVER & beyond on the food & decor! I still can't believe my longest & dearest friend Caye flew in from DC to help throw the shower & it was so awesome to see her! Ann was the third member of the party planning committee but she wasn't able to be there for the weekend. We missed her!

Pam had us play a game. All the ladies there looked at unmarked jars of baby food & guess what was inside. No biggie right? WELL I had to TASTE each jar & guess. There were 11 jars! I was pretty proud of myself for not throwing up & I ended up getting all but a couple right. Some of them tasted good-the fruit ones, while others I begged to not even try-like the chicken that smelled & looked like cat food! haha

I loved being able to see some friends from our old ward & from work! It was great to catch up & have some fun together. Once again we are truly blessed. Cooper received so many amazing gifts! Thanks again to Pam, Ann, & Caye for making this such a special time for us!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

A Weekend of FUN!

Kyle & I took Friday off of work so we could hit the road this past Thursday evening. Our destination? MOUNT PLEASANT, SC!! We rented a car for fun & our drive was pretty uneventful. We made it into Mt P at 11:30pm & our first stop was Isle of Palms to see, hear, & smell the ocean. I loved just standing on the beach feeling the wind in my hair. Moose definitely enjoyed running around eating sea shells. :) I didn't realize how much I missed living on the coast.

Friday started early because we were so excited to be 'home' & we had tons to do. Kyle went downtown to pick up his Cooper River Bridge Run packet & I went to visit my old job. I had such a great time seeing Dr Goltra & the girls. I miss it there SO much! For lunch Kyle & I met up with Scott & Rachael for some delicious Melvins BBQ! It was A-Mazing! I ate everything & given the chance I probably could've had more!

Friday afternoon we spent some time with Kyle's parents, Marc & Pat before Cooper's baby shower that evening. (I'll post on the shower later) After the shower we invited a couple of friends over to play games. The Adams, Artls, Bryant, & Jilli came. We played Catch Phrase & we had some good laughs! There are phrases from that weekend that will never be forgotten!

Just thought I'd throw in a belly pic from that weekend.

Saturday morning came quick! Kyle set his alarm wrong but we woke up early enough anyhow so I could drop him off for the BIG race! I went to the grocery store, took a quick nap, & enjoyed the sun while Kyle was at the Bridge Run. Kyle did have a good time at the run even if it was solo. For lunch Kyle & I met up with Marc & Pat downtown at Poogans Porch. The company was GREAT & the food was pretty good (not our best visit there). We did have their delicious Gouda Mac & Cheese even if I did have to beg for it since it's not on the lunch menu. :) That mac & cheese is seriously life changing! haha After lunch we walked down to Waterfront Park to look out at the Charleston Harbor. There was a cruise ship, sail boats, & dolphins! It was great smelling the salt air & feeling the warm sun on our skin. (How can you not just LOVE it there?!)

Kyle after the race! So proud of him! :)

Me, Kyle, & Marc at Waterfront Park dwntwn Charleston.

Saturday afternoon we hung out at Ann's house enjoying the nice weather with Bryant, Jilli, & Dad. The boys tried to fly kites-that didn't work out well-so they moved on to skateboarding. Moose loved the skate board...well she loved to bark & bite on it. ha! Later I was able to meet up with my friend Rachel really quick before dinner. The visit was SO not long enough-I miss that girl!

We had a fun dinner date with Scott & Rachael at the one & only Gringos! The food was pretty amazing & the Adams rock my socks! :) After dinner the boys headed off to the Priesthood Session of General Conference so Rachael & I were able to have some much needed girl time! We chatted, cried a little (gotta love hormones!), got some special treats for Ann, & made a poster before the boys were done. We tried to go to Cupcake but they were already ready closed. :( When the boys were done it was time for dessert! We ate at Menchie's. It's new frozen yogurt place where you basically make it yourself & pay by the ounce (or by the pound if you ask Kyle. hehe). It was hard to decide what we wanted but it was super yummy!!

Sunday we had a little breakfast shin dig. I made Pat's famous Breakfast casserole & the Adams brought their homemade cinnamon rolls. Basically it was delicious & great to spend a little more time with special people before we left.

Now we are home & exhausted. We ended up staying up every night until 1am & waking up EARLY each morning so we're glad to be back to ATL but SO so sad to leave Mt P behind. It really feels like home there & I miss my family & friends. Who wouldn't want to live on the beautiful SC coast?! Hopefully we will get back there one day for good!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

ATL Baby Shower!

Some of my favorite ladies threw a baby shower for little Cooper! The shower was held at our condo & it was lots of fun! It was great being pampered & showing off our place. :) There was some pretty delicious food involved. Cooper of course got lots of great gifts & is so very spoiled! At one point there were 7 pregnant ladies out of like 13 in attendance! (We were told it's in the water here & we believe!!)

Here are some pics of the party:

Nothing like posing by the food before you dig in! :)

Getting ready to open presents!

Mom & Minnette came for the shower too. It was so great to spend time with both of them!

Cooper got hooked up!

A little collage action for you.

Special thanks to Tarin, Mandy & Erin for putting everything together!