Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Planes, Trains, & Automobiles

(This was posted back in September but due to changing the title via my phone I can't change the post date...)
We've been having lots of fun lately. Cooper is growing up so fast! It's so fun seeing him play with his friends. Cooper is also loving the fact that we live so close to planes, trains, & automobiles! He's becoming quite the little boy!

So now for the onslaught of picture of Coop. :)

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Lesson Learned

After church on Sunday I decided to let Cooper run around naked while Kyle & I got lunch ready. By doing this I figured he'd stay awake & he'd enjoy some naked time....

Kyle warned this wasn't a good idea but I thought it was cute watching Coop run around giggling while naked. Well, About 60 seconds into naked time Cooper peed in the kitchen. I laughed as I cleaned it up. It wasn't a big deal because it's 'wood' floors. (looks like wood but not) I jokingly told Coop that if he's going to poop he better do it on the wood floors or else! I guess I shouldn't have said anything because a couple of minutes later Cooper runs by me with poop on his ankle.... Kyle shook his head & said 'I told you so' as I went to go find the mound of poop & assess the damage done. I followed a short trail to our bedroom which is carpeted... 

After cleaning up that accident, I figured Coop had already taken care of everything so naked time should be a breeze now. Boy was I wrong! Cooper ran into his room & pooped on his carpet!! As you can imagine my smile was fading while Kyle continued to shake his head & Cooper kept up his streaking.

I threw Cooper into the bathtub & he had an impromptu bath. He loved playing while I continued cleaning up the hazardous waste....

Fast Forward 15 minutes. Bath time is over. My carpets & floors are clean. I'm clean. Baby's clean. There's a clean diaper on his bum. Life is good right? 

COOPER POOPS AGAIN! Fortunately it was in a diaper but still. ANOTHER POOP?! 

The lessons I learned:
A-Don't let your kid run through the house naked (unless he's well barricaded in a NO carpet zone)
B-If A occurs & said kid poops/pees, don't think he's done. Just put him in a diaper.
C-What goes in, must come out. A weekend full of nonstop eating leads to LOTS of dirty diapers...& floors.

Next Sunday when I'm tempted to give Coop some naked time, I'll be sure to read this. :)

Friday, September 14, 2012

All Dogs Go to Heaven

On September 1st, while visiting our families in Hartsville, our dog, Moose, went to doggy heaven. She'd spent a large part of the day outside playing with her cousins while we washed cars & picked weeds. For lunch Marc was extra nice & cut up a whole hot dog for Moose to enjoy. (She took a short break from grazing to enjoy it's deliciousness) 

That afternoon Kyle, Cooper, Moose, & I headed over to my dad's house to hang out with Bryant & Jilli. Dad wasn't home so Moose enjoyed some pool time. Bryant & I took turns holding her in the pool. She even sat on my while I laid out on a pool float. Our friend, Rob, who is a photographer was there too. He snapped a couple of family pics for us. A few minutes after the pics we heard Dad come home so we got Moose out of the pool pronto & put her on the deck so she could play & get down into the backyard. 

Our last family photo together.
Photo cred to Rob

Last pic of Moose.
Kyle & I were keeping an eye on her but got side tracked for just a minute. Kyle asked if I saw Moose & I hadn't. I quickly walked around the border of the pool calling for her & looking in the backyard & under the deck. No luck. I jumped out of the pool & ran to the front yard. I kept calling for her. I thought she may have run to the front door. I turned around & saw her laying in the road by the mailbox. My initial thought was "silly girl, why are you laying in the road?!" But as fast as that thought came, it left & in it's place came the terrible truth. Moose had been hit by a car.

The next few minutes are a bit of a blur but I will recount it the way I remember it.

I don't know if I started running to Moose or screaming for Kyle first but once I got to Moose I knew instantly that she was gone. I looked up & down the street to see who had just hit her but the street was clear & eerily quiet except for the sounds coming from my own mouth. I touched her side before running & screaming/yelling/crying for Kyle. It felt like forever before anyone heard me. Bryant came around the corner first & bolted passed me to Moose. Bryant & I have been through this kind of thing twice before with two of our childhood dogs. He knew what my screaming meant. Next Kyle came running. I remember seeing Bryant & Kyle sitting in the road by Moose. I remember walking around in shock crying hysterically for what seemed like forever. I remember the blank look on Kyle's face as he sat there petting Moose trying to process what had just happened... Thank goodness Jilli had Cooper because in all honesty I hadn't even thought of him...

After many hugs & with tears still flowing Kyle called his dad while I dressed Cooper & passed him off to Bryant & Jilli. They took Cooper down the road to our grandparent's house for Mom to watch him. Kyle & I headed to his parent's house to bury Moose. 

It all happened so fast but yet so slow. In less than an hour our lives changed.

We arrived at the Ensigns and were greeted with more hugs & lots of tears. It broke my heart even more to see our nieces crying. These sweet girls LOVE Moose. It was so such a sad sight.

We decided on a place to bury Moose. Kyle, Marc, & Bryce dug the hole. Before Moose was buried everyone came outside. We said a few words & then continued with the burial. I hated seeing everyone so hurt but I was (& still am) so grateful for their love for Moose & their support for us.

What a day...
Moose's temporary brick headstone. 
Hard to see but Moose is between the small & big trees.

Our nieces were so sweet & did so much to show their love for us & for Moose.

Grace: Took her beaded necklace off & placed it at Moose's grave. The next day when she arrived at the Ensigns I watched her (through the window) run over to Moose's grave. She made sure the bricks that marked Moose's location were just right. She stood there for a moment & then came inside. I believe she was the one that added the small American Flag as well.

Kaylee: I watched her count up her hard earned coins. She wanted to make sure she had enough to get a couple of pictures of Moose printed for her scrap book.  

Taylor: It was so sweet for Taylor to draw not one but two pictures of our family taking Moose for a walk. I know she drew her little heart out. (I haven't taken a picture of them but they are hanging in Coop's room)

Baylee: Later that day Baylee went to the pool with a friend & the friend's Mom. The mom asked Baylee how her day was. Baylee said not good because her cousin, Moose, had been hit by a car, died, & had to be buried in the back yard. The mom, a bit rattled by the story, asked Tiffany about it later & found out that Moose was a dog, not a person. I think it's so sweet of Baylee to refer to Moose as her cousin. 

Everyone in our families did so very much to help us through that day & have checked in on us since. My cousin Sundi even came by later that night with a pint of chocolate ice cream. Sometimes a big bowl of ice cream is just what a grieving heart needs. We also had an outpouring of love from our friends, Moose had a lot of fans, even those that had never met her but had grown to love her through the pics posted on FB. (How could you not love that flat face?!) We even received a special package from Amy, Scott, Madison, Ben, Megan, Blake, Macy, & Brownie. They each made us cards & shared with us their love for Moose. We also got a wonderful collage of family pictures. It's on our fridge. :)
Our cards, drawings, & collage from the Edwards family
I'm grateful to know that families are forever so not only will we be able to play with Moose again but so will the rest of our family. 

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Homeward Bound

The Sunday Pat left ATL Cooper & I headed to Hartsville with here. It was the week before Labor Day so I thought it would be nice to spend some time with family.

Cooper & I had a great week! We stayed with my grandparents, Mama & Papa. (Cooper's GREAT grandparents) I loved being able to spend time with them & to watch Cooper bond with such special people in my life. Here are some things we did:

-Swam in Grandpa's pool
-Ate LOADS of peaches
-played with Ginger (Papa's dog)
-Ran around in Papa's backyard (before the mosquitoes tried to carry us away)
-watched more Weather & Fox News than ever needed (I know older folks love the weather/politics)
-Cooper enjoyed swinging with Papa in his swing
-Cooper also LOVED getting spoonfuls of goodness from Papa. (banana pudding, milkshake, & more!)
-Cooper ran miles through their house
-I went through tons of stuff from my youth. Throwing away & dotating 95% of it.
-We went to dinner with Grandma & Poppa
-Had a play date with Jen & Cage
-Loved spending time with Leslie
-Went to Sonic more times than I'd like to admit (LOVE their desserts)
-Spent money at Big Lots
-Took good naps
-Had fun with Bryant & Jilli
-Ate WAY more food than is necessary
And much MUCH more!

Here are pictures from our adventures in Hartsville...

Four Generations!

Cooper stealing Papa's Banana Pudding

Swinging with Papa

Mema feeding Coop Papa's milkshake.

Pool Time!

Enjoying GRASS!

Playing the piano with Cage & Baylee

Grandma playing with Coop while we wait
for Kyle & Moose to arrive.

Cooper enjoyed Poppa's grape drink!

The kid LOVES the piano!

Uncle Gary making Coop laugh

Loving Auntie Leslie

I found my clay creations from my elementary years.

Six years of Rec Softball. I LOVED every minute of it!

Mama making Coop laugh with a pound puppy.

Mema & Coop

So much randomness. I'm getting stiff armed by Coop!

Mama cracked us up when she sat on Papa's lap. So cute!

Guests Galore!

The month of August went by in a flash! We had visitors every week & I'm not complaining! 

First Karl & Onna's family came for an overnight visit. Technically they didn't stay with us but we were able to get together for dinner & a Braves Game. It was a fun night!

Everyone at the game
(sorry i didn't realize it was going to be side ways)

Cooper's First Braves Game!

Next my Dad came to town for a weekend. He took us out to our favorite BBQ place. We also made homemade ice cream & relaxed. We enjoyed having him here with us.

Grandpa & Coop

Then it was Grandma's turn to visit. Kyle's Mom, Pat came to town for a long weekend. It was a BLAST. She spoiled us rotten. Seriously. She brought treats for Moose, clothes for Coop, frozen dinner & breakfast, Mac's Pride peaches (the BEST) & more! Moose & Coop just couldn't get enough of Grandma. We kept the road hot with Pat was here. We went to Costco, WalMart, LDS Distribution Center, Belk, Frosty Caboose, & several thrift stores. Pat also made some amazingly delicious food. We had a taco night that took us all back to Guadalajara Mexico circa 2009. Life is good with Grandma is here!

Cooper showing off his Halloween Costume
Grandma got him from Costco. Not pictured
is Moose trying to grab his Tiger Tail!

Ah yes. Taco night!

So delish!

We went on a family walk. I didn't get the red
shirt memo so I stayed out of the pic. :)

Homemade Peach Ice Cream. It was that good!

We thoroughly enjoyed all of our visits. I don't know what we are going to do this month. Who's coming to visit?!