Monday, February 4, 2013

Proud Moments of the Day

#1 A friend commented that Cooper was growing into his large head. Aka he's actually gotten a bit taller. Yes!

Cooper spotted another friend & her daughter during Sacrament Meeting (church) & immediately ran to them. After coming back to tell us he saw Sarah & Mary he then ran back to play more. #2 Cooper loves & knows our friends.

#3 & #4 After church I went to pick Coop up from the nursery. As we walked out one of the Nursery leaders commented on how great of a talker Cooper is. I thanked her & said my farewell. Cooper proceeded to repeat what I said 'thank you! See you later! Bye bye!'

Later that afternoon we went back to church to attend a baptism. At one pint we watched a slide show of pictures of Kaity (girl getting baptized). One popped up of Kaity at Disney w Mickey. Through the silence you hear 'MICKEY!!' #5 Yep, that was Coop. #6 He also decided to sing 'Wheels on the Bus' during the confirmation. Singing 'beep beep beep all through the TOWN!' Slightly embarrassed at his timing but proud he loves to sing.

#7 & #8 Letting Cooper eat whatever he wanted during the Superbowl shindig & letting him stay up & play with friends until 11. Yeah I'm pretty sure I'm the model of an amazing Mom... Ha!

These are just a few of the many times I'm proud of Cooper but maybe not so proud of his timing or my parenting skills. Well, such is life. :)

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